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Female Celebs
  Aguilera, Christina
  Anderson, Gillian
  Anderson, Pamela
  Andress, Ursula
  Aniston, Jennifer
Apple, Fiona
Applegate, Christina
Bach, Catherine
Banks, Tyra
Barrymore, Drew
Basinger, Kim
Bassett, Angela
Bateman, Justine
Berry, Halle
Bullock, Sandra
Cox, Courteney
D'Angelo, Beverly
D'errico, Donna
Derek, Bo
Electra, Carmen
Fawcett, Farrah
Fonda, Bridget
Foster, Jodie
Hill, Faith
Hunt, Helen
Hurley, Elizabeth
Jackson, Janet
Jolie, Angelina
Judd, Ashley
Kidman, Nicole
Kournikova, Anna
Liu, Lucy
Locklear, Heather
Lopez, Jennifer
Margolis, Cindy
Milano, Alyssa
Roberts, Julia
Silverstone, Alicia
Spears, Britney
Thurman, Uma
Tweed, Shannon
Weisz, Rachel
Williams, Vanessa L
Wilson, Bridgette
Winger, Debra
Witt, Alicia
Yeoh, Michelle
Zellweger, Renee
Zeta Jones, Catherine

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