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the rock bottom

the lowdown on rocky maivia of the wwe

Born may 2, 1972 dwayne douglas johnson aka "the rock" or "rocky maivia" of wwf fame towers at 6'4 and weighs in at 270lb's, he attended high school at freedom high school bethlehem, pennsylvania, where he lettered in track and football, he also attended university of miami where gained degrees in exercise physiology and criminology, he also played football and was a national champ in his freshman year of 1991, the rock was a defensive linesman for the university of miami.

dwane, a 3rd generation wrestler currently lives in davie, florida a suburb of miami and saw his first wrestling match when only 3 weeks old. he saw his father rocky johnson and grandfather peter maivia take on masa saito and kenji shibuya. at six years old, the rock was taught the basics from his father. the headlock, the armlock, and other basic moves. when he got taught the sleeper hold, things did not go too well. he put it on a kid at school who lost consciousness.

the rock has not always been called the rock. his first wrestling name was flex kavana. he then became the rock who was refered to as rocky maivia. he called himself rocky maivia to please both his father and grandfather. eventually though he just called himself the rock.

in 1998 the rock won his first ever wwf title against mankind with the sharpshooter at the survivor series, he beat the big boss man, ken shamrock and the undertaker earlier the same night to get the title shot.

his olympian physique, his finishing move, the rock bottom, his confidence before his peers his catchphrases and even his rediculous shirts are just some of the reasons that the rock has become know as the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, the rock can do it all and has even had success in the recording studio and has recently broken into the film industry having played in the smash movie the mummy returns

title history
uswa tag team champ with bart sawyer- intercontential belt (2)- heavyweight champion (6) wwf tag team champs with mankind (3) with the undertaker (1)


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the rock on tv with j leno

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